Clear the Blocks to Your Inner Voice and Intuition

In this Clear the Blocks to your inner voice energy clearing session we are going to clearing blocks around intuition insight inner vision and your inner voice.

Everyone has an inner voice, sometimes called the small, still voice within. This is the voice that is very easily drowned out or ignored. But, it is always there.

When you decide you really want to hear this voice and activate more intuition for yourself, you will be able to. Start by listening. When you get the feeling you should do something, even though you don’t know why, don’t ignore it.

Clear these blocks so you can hear and access your inner voice. This is the small voice that will help you follow your path, know what to do, and who or what to trust in your life.

This doesn’t mean to act on every whim or impulse from your inner voice.

It actually means just the opposite. When you start listening to what your inner voice is really telling you, it will be easier to know what to do. But, you begin by listening to as much as you can. This will also help clear the blocks.

When you have a REALLY strong feeling about something, take time to explore why. By acknowledging and paying more attention to the information you get, you will begin to get even more. This is in part due to the fact that the subconscious mind will realize you are listening and know you’re wanting the information.

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After this clearing, if you feel like there’s more or you don’t feel able to hear this voice at all, you may be experiencing resistance. This can be for a number of reasons such as fears or old programming. This Surrender and Let Go of Resistance clearing can help you release the resistance

Clear the Blocks to Your Inner Voice and Intuition

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