Clear Intentions and Focus for 2020

Clear Intentions and Focus 2020

Clear Intentions for 2020 Goals

Welcome to this energy clearing video about your clear intentions and staying focused in order to get your goals faster. We are going to clear energetically what is holding you back or keeping you off track and out of reach of your goals. When you get clear and stay focused, you will be able to get the things in your life that you are striving for. Find the energy blockages that keep you from focusing and actually achieving the goals you want for yourself in 2020. These can be anything. When you get clear, focus your intention and energy, you can achieve your desires.

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Energy Clearing to help you achieve focus and clarity for your 2020 goals.
Clear Intentions and Focus on Your Goals will help you achieve them FASTER!

In this clearing, we’re going to be working on achieving your goals, clearing out whatever’s blocking your intentions and and focus so you can really quickly achieve your goals. So stay tuned. Hi, it’s Robin from vibration elevation. And today’s clearing is all about goals and clearing out what is stopping them.

So this card cheetah is from the messages from your animal spirit guides by Stephen Farmer. And here’s what it says. It says, get clear on your intention, stay focused and move quickly to achieve your goal. And so what we’re going to look at is what is getting in the way of that focus of that intention Where do you lose the, the, the direct movement forward Like what is knocking you off of your path to get this goal. So when you think of, think of a goal, you have something that you would really, really like to achieve and maybe have been working on.

As we do the clearing, keep that goal in mind and see what happens. See how you feel. You may be able to notice this in your, your physical body. You may feel it shift, you may just feel something slightly kind of move like almost like the just the energy shifting of whatever is blocking you is going to be cleared out and released and you’ll be able to feel this possibly so as we do the clearing, you’re going to hear the clearing chimes and as you hear them, just keep that goal in mind.

The Clearing Chimes…

All right, so that clearing is all done. Did you feel anything shift in your physical body, in your, your emotional, your, your motions Did you feel anything Did you notice any changes in he shifts. When you clear energy, you do clear it on all levels, so it’s not uncommon to feel it in your physical body.Now think of a goal that you had in mind and think of the first step, the next step that you need to take to get closer to that goal and just pay attention to just that next one step and notice that as you do this, it’s just the next step. Then the next step, and as you stay clear one step at a time, you will reach your goal.

I hope you enjoyed this. I hope it makes a huge difference in your life. And I really want to thank you for joining me here and for more tools and tricks about energy clearing and shifting the energy and your reality, head over to vibration and you’ll find a whole bunch of more videos and a free training all about how to get clear, and how to get rid of obstacles in your life. Thank you. And I will see you in the next one.


Robin Yates, Energy Clearing

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Clear Intentions and Focus for 2020

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