Free Energy Clearing for Money Blocks and Stuck Energy

This Energy Clearing Session will Help You Release the old Energy Keeping These 7 Common Money Blocks in Place.

Free Energy Clearing Playlist for 7 Common Money Blocks

Even Just One Small Shift Can Make a Big Difference

The data behind energy and how it affects us is immense and it’s overwhelmingly positive. If you’ve ever wondered why you do or feel certain ways, why things are the way they are for you, it’s energy!

In my work with hundreds of clients, I’ve seen first hand how just one small shift can make all the difference for someone. In this free mp3 we are clearing money blocks. You will be able to shift these blocks too, just like all my clients that paid me to help them clear them. This free clearing session is no less powerful!

​This Free Track Clears the Blocks:

​I don’t deserve money

I’ll never have enough money

Money doesn’t just grow on trees

It’s hard to make or earn money

There’s not enough money to go around

It’s bad to want money

I’ll probably always struggle with money

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