Are you Co-Dependent?

Become less dependent on other people and begin to feel freedom and independence with this clearing. Are you co-dependent overly dependent? This clearing can help shift that energy for you.

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Are you co-dependent? In today’s energy clearing session, we’re going to be looking at over dependence on other people and clearing any doubts or fears related to that. So stay tuned.

Are You Co-Dependent Energy Clearing Transcript:

are you co-dependent
Are you overly dependent on others?

Hi, it’s Robin here from vibration elevation and today’s clearing is based on the card cat domesticated cat. And what this card says is it’s time to strike out on your own and relinquish your over dependence on others. And his card is from the the animal spirit guides by Steven Farmer. And anyway, this card is about letting go of over dependence. So if you find yourself being codependent or way too overdependent on somebody else, this is what this clearing is going to be about. So is there something that you would like to do that you’ve thought of doing, would just, would really strive to be able to do, but you’re depending on someone else or they’re somebody else holding you back. Whether this is something that they’re trying to get you to not want to do or the or maybe it inspires fear. Are they the person or the other people around you make you think you can’t do something on your own

Whatever it is, it’s doesn’t really matter whether it’s a specific situation or just a feeling or just think of something that you would really like to do and you’re unable to because of somebody else. So keep that image, that feeling, the thought, whatever that energy is around the situation. Just keep that in mind as we do the clearing. This could also be something that you want to do, but other people are always doing it for you. Okay And again, this can be something physical. It could be emotional, it could be knowing somebody. We’ll take care of something for you, even though you can perfectly, you know, do it yourself. So whatever form or shape this comes in, just it’s fine. And if you don’t have a specific or a concrete example or feeling or whatever, just it’s okay. Just go through the clearing and notice what you feel. Okay So let’s do the clearing.

Clearing Chimes and Energy Healing

clear the co dependent energy and find your independence
Energy clearing to become less dependent on others

All right, great. So that clearing is done and now I don’t know if you felt anything or if you felt a shift or noticed anything but you may be. And to notice in your day to day life where there’s things that normally you would let other people do or you would count on other people to do it for you. And now you may start having the inclination to do it yourself, not because you have to, but because you want to. It’s almost like out of empowerment, out of knowing that you can do everything you need to do, that it’s great to be interdependent with with other people, but you’re no longer necessarily dependent or overly dependent on these people or on people in general, the people around you. So please post down below if you enjoyed this clearing, if you felt anything, just let me know. And if you haven’t subscribed, please subscribe. And for a free training on energy clearing, you can go over to vibration and sign up for this online free video training series and learn all about this energy clearing technique. thank you so much for listening or watching and I’ll see you in the next one.


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Are you Co-Dependent?

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