Appreciate Everything

When you appreciate everything, your energy shifts. You let go of resistance and raise your frequency!

Audio Transcript
In this energy clearing session, appreciate everything, we’re looking at appreciation and clearing any blocks preventing you from feeling genuine, deep appreciation, which will make your frequency go really high. So stay tuned.

Appreciate Everyone
Raise Your Frequency when you practice appreciation

Hi, it’s Robin here from vibration elevation. And in this clearing we are looking at the energy of appreciation and the card we drew today is, is appreciate everything and everyone, and this is really, really a good practice because the more you appreciate appreciation, the energy of appreciation calibrates high, and as you run that energy by appreciating things, it could be something as simple as, you know, I am so grateful, right I’m so appreciative of whatever. You know, this plant, I’m so appreciative of my phone. I’m so appreciative of the fact that the skies are blue today. Anything like that, that energy itself, running through your energy field will help raise your frequency and the higher your frequency, the better things are going to be. But also the more protected you are. High-frequency is the way to stay safe. And it is a way to stay in line with source and stay out of imbalance.

Raise Your Frequency when you practice appreciation
Appreciate Everything energy clearing session

I don’t know if that’s even making sense. I’m kind of on a tangent, but what I’m trying to get at is the fact that if you can ever switch, if you’re ever feeling kind of bad, if you ever just switch over to, you know, what, find anything, anything at all to appreciate. It could be a piece of food, it could be anything you want that will begin to shift your energy. And if your energy is already in a good place, it’ll help just raise it higher. So today’s clearing is going to be to clear, clearing to clear anything that keeps you from being able to access the energy of appreciation. Okay So just listen, feel what happens.

Energy Clearing To Appreciate Everything

Appreciate Everything in Your Life
Raise Your Frequency when you practice appreciation

Okay, all done. So what can you do to get this really amped up Like I said, just start looking for anything, whether it’s a blade of grass, whether it’s a tree, whether it’s, you know, a magazine, a book, something you have in your house that you just glance at and just go, wow. You know, I’m really grateful for that. I’m really appreciate appreciative of that. And if it’s a person, think you can sit down for five minutes and think of people, think of people that you have something, anything at all to appreciate, you know, like, Hey, I’m so appreciative of my, of my daughter. I’m so appreciative of my son. I’m so appreciative of the list. Just goes on, you know, just go from one person to another and by the time you get through about 10 people, you are going to be in a totally different state. So hope you like that. please post down below if this worked for you, like how, how it worked for you or you know, what you got out of it. Okay. Thank you again and I will see you in the next one.

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Appreciate Everything

appreciate everything:

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