Abundance and Flow Energy Clearing

Remove the blockages keeping you from accessing your natural state of abundance and flow. This energy clearing session will help you release these old energetic blockages, fast.

Energy Clearing for More Abundance and Flow

This free energy clearing session is the fastest way I have to clear energetic blockages. Anything from emotions, feelings, memories and beliefs are created and kept in place with energy. When you hear the clearing chimes, that’s when I’m doing the clearing in the background to help you clear anything keeping you from a better sense of abundance and flow in your life.

Transcript of Video:

In this video, we’re going to be clearing anything stopping you from having an abundant flowing and full life. So stay tuned.
Hi, it’s Robin from vibration elevation. And today’s clearing is abundance from the Osho Zen Turo. And this card is signaling us to clear anything that might be stopping this abundance and this flow. So this could be anything from beliefs that maybe you don’t deserve it or that it’s not possible, or memories. Maybe someone told you that you’re never going to have a great life, that life sucks and that got lodged in your subconscious mind. It became an energy pattern or just the doubt that you can even do it or that it’s possible.

What’s an Abundant Life for you?

So when we talk about an abundant and full life, notice, what comes up in your mind Is it doubt Is it disbelief or maybe, like, yeah, right. Whatever it is. I want you to keep that in mind as we begin the clearing and you hear the clearing chimes. Keep thinking of that. Allow that, belief, feeling, emotion, whatever it is to show itself. Encourage it. Like if you see or you feel something, be happy because that means it is presenting itself itself and will be cleared.

All right, so think of whatever it is that comes to mind when I suggest that you can live on abundant, full flowing and happy life.

So here we go. Let’s do the clearing.

Clearing Chimes and Commands

Well the blocks on abundance have been cleared. Now this clearing for me was really powerful. Sometimes I feel these strong, you know, really strongly and in this one happened to be a strong one. So I’m not sure what I had in my subconscious mind holding me back, keeping me from really feeling the abundant flowing full life. But there was something because I really felt this one.

That’s the beauty of these daily clearings that we don’t really know what we’re going to clear. I just draw a card and I have to clear whatever is on that card because I would probably half the time not think of clearing many of these issues. And you know, like this one today, I wouldn’t worry about that one. And it was powerful. So how did you feel Did you notice a change If so, post down below and let me know what happened.

Repeat as many times as you want to…

Now, if you did, or even if you didn’t and you feel like there’s a more, go back and listen to this again and clear this again. You cannot clear too much. So if you go back, just think of the next thing that comes to mind. Ask yourself, you know, if I were to have an abundant flowing and full life, how does that feel And then just do the clearing because you don’t even really need to know what it is exactly that you’re clearing. It’ll still be cleared anyway.

I really hope you enjoyed this. I hope it’s really, really, really beneficial for you and will help activate your, so please hit subscribe and listen to as many of these as you would like. You can’t clear too much. You can’t over clear. So thanks again for watching or listening and I’ll see you in the next one.


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Abundance and Flow Energy Clearing

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