About Robin Yates, Energy Clearing

Hello there, I’m Robin Yates, a certified hypnotherapist, energy clearing coach and and subconscious mind change-work practitioner. I help hypnotherapy and energy healing clients uncover and rewrite their underlying (and often hidden) beliefs, emotions and life patterns and expand out into what they truly want to experience. I also teach other healing practitioners and coaches how to do this with their clients.

Robin Yates
Robin Yates, Energy Clearing

Hypnotherapy and energy clearing both access the subconscious mind and energy body as they make deep and lasting changes for the clients.

In a hypnotherapy session, the clients consciously know what they want to achieve and may wonder why they can’t do it.

This is because subconscious mind, not the conscious mind, is responsible for 90% of what you experience in your life and when you make even a small change in the subconscious by accessing the hypnotic state by using various hypnotic and relaxation techniques, it will create big and positive change in your reality.

I began my training in hypnosis and hypnotherapy back 2006, and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in 2012. I learned all about energy and energy work back in 2004 with Reiki Healing. Over the years I have had extensive training with hypnosis and addiction and is part of “The Addiction Project” and “Alcohol Freedom”.

Certified Hypnotherapist

As a certified clinical hypnotherapist, and using NLP and energy work I’ve witnessed 100’s of clients let go of past underlying emotions and conditions, such as anger, anxiety, worry and fear, and take back their lives.

The subconscious mind and energy work is the key to the real root the issue of a problem. This is whether it resulted from childhood, a traumatic event, or even from a past life event.

I practice a form of mindful hypnotherapy and mindfulness in private sessions with clients. This tends to release old energy and stuck emotional patterns, while letting go of stress.

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Clinical Hypnosis use powerful hypnotic techniques to work with a variety of conditions.

Hypnosis can help with smoking cessation, chronic pain, IBS symptoms, weight loss, pain treatment in general.. This type of holistic approach is beneficial with many conditions.

It’s important to check any and all physical symptoms with your medical doctor. They may feel is appropriate to relieve with mindfulness and/or relaxation techniques. When given a hypnotic suggestion by a certified clinical hypnotherapist, it’s not uncommon to experience rapid relief of symptoms. (always with a referral from your medical provider as some symptoms must be acknowledged and taken into account before released)

Hypnotherapy and Pain Management

Pain management has long been recognized as a condition that is often improved drastically by hypnotic suggestion and clinical hypnosis. It’s possible to manage Anxiety, You can incorporate self hypnosis to keep the anxiety under control

If you have an anxiety disorder please talk with your mental health practitioner before trying this type of subconscious process. hypnosis, energy work, hypnotherapy or NLP.

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