Financial Constraints – Clearing Session

Money blocks are old energy patterns in your energetic field and subconscious mind, you bet they can affect you! This can show up as fears and limits around money and finances. An energy clearing session can help you get rid of them for good. This 5 minute clearing can help get started, and may actually shift them out.

Energy Clearing for Financial Constraints

Release Money Blocks by Using Energy

Money blocks are energetic. They aren’t physical limitations preventing you from making or keeping money. This means you release them energetically as well. When someone has financial constraints, this is often due to outdated beliefs and fears.

As you listen or watch this video, just think “I am free” as you allow all the old stuck energy to release.

Another clearing for money and finances, along with physical health is this Health and Wealth clearing session. These two both go together!

Get the Clear 7 Common Money Blocks playlist here, and release common blocks that create real financial constraints

Financial Constraints – Clearing Session

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