About me, Robin

Hello there, I'm Robin Yates, a Transformational coach, practitioner trainer, and Consultant. I help clients uncover and rewrite their underlying and often hidden beliefs, emotions and life patterns and expand out into what they truly want to experience.

I began my  training in hypnosis and hypnotherapy back 2006,  and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in 2012. I learned all about energy and energy work back in 2014 with Reiki Healing. Over the years I have had extensive training with hypnosis and addiction and is part of “The Addiction Project” and “Alcohol Freedom”.

Using hypnosis and energy work I've witnessed 100’s of clients  let go of past underlying emotions and conditions, such as anger, anxiety, worry and fear, and take back their lives. The subconscious mind and energy is the key to the real root the issues, whether from childhood, a traumatic event, or even from a past life event.

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