Witches Wound

 When I was a child, only about 3 or 4 years old, I used to see a witch and other dark things in my room, hovering around my bed at night. This went on for years until I was about 8 years old and I simply blocked it out. Some would say “I just grew out of it”. I now realize that this energy has followed me my entire life, as I have what I like to call The Witches Wound.

Children Are Open to Energy
Fear of the dark or seeing things are common in children

This isn’t at all unusual. In fact, I think so many kids with irrational fears or with imaginary friends somehow or another are tapping in to another frequency. They are more tapped in and connected to these frequencies that many adults don’t have access to and don’t understand. Children pick up on the fears from the adults around them, and this can make their own fears seem bigger.

It’s also possible that kids tap into other realities, and possibly into past lifetimes of their own.

Kids Tap Into Other Frequencies Easily

Many of us on this “lightworkers’ path”, or who are in some way involved or interested in the Unseen, spiritual, metaphysical or healing world, have childhood stories like this. Usually they shut them out and never develop the gifts or talents associated with higher dimensional energy. And, although many begin to explore the Realms later in their 20’s 30’s and up, they find some significant stumbling blocks and limitations.

Many People Block Out Higher Dimensional Energies Out of Fear

The energy pattern that I want to talk about today is what I call the witches wound. I’m not sure who named it that, but I like it.

Looking back on my life, I was always shy. The thought of talking in front of a group of people, just really made me nervous. I never really like talking in a group, even in front of friends. In one-on-one situations I was fine, but three or more and forget it. In these situations, I would shut down, feel a little bit of panic, and look for an Escape Route. I thought it was just part of my personality.

Intense Fear of Witches
I had an irrational but intense fear of witches

 I’ve always had an intense fear of witches. I would constantly read stories about them, and felt like I knew what those people went through. For example, I was really drawn to the details of the Salem witch trials. Now, this subject provoked extreme Terror in me, but I couldn’t help it.

Old Traumas, Like the Witches Wound, Tend to get Triggered

Fast forward in time. I’m at a two week long intensive training for neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Public Speaking Fear
Could the fear of public speaking be a sign of the witches wound?

I went up on stage, and as I stood there, my first and only panic attack began. (or at least in this lifetime). My heart pounded so loudly I thought everyone could see it. My body trembled and part of me was screaming to get out before I died. The fear was very very clear, and awful.

For some reason, I couldn’t stand the idea of the people looking at me up there, even though I wasn’t talking. Eventually I made it to the end of exercise. I got back to my seat in the back of the room, and exploded into tears. What had just happened?

This event had just triggered my witches wound. It was there, loud and clear. At the next break in the class, after I seriously attempted to pull myself together, I asked a fellow practitioner to join me at lunch and she really helped me through it. And because I have have completely cleared it since then, I know it can be done.

Past Life Trauma Resulting in the Witches Wound

Past Life as a Witch
Burned at the Stake

Here it is: I found I had experienced a past life in Salem. Back during the American witch trials, I was falsely accused of being a witch. I was later burned at the stake.  I learned my lesson about how to fly low and avoid the radar, which meant not speaking up or drawing attention to myself. Now, whether or not I actually had a past life in Salem, I will really never know. Was I really burned at the stake? And did I bring this energy with me to this lifetime? Again, who knows.  But I do know that when I cleared that past lifetime, my fear and shyness disappeared.

Does this resonate with you? Some people will read that and say yeah right, but others may have chills. They’ll know they have this type of witches wound. The details will be different, but at the same time, will be similar enough.

Awareness of These Wounds is Already Half the Work

When you become aware of this, and what it is costing you, that’s really half of the work. You realize what it does to you, as far as having fear and limiting your life. Living in a state of fear or of being afraid to speak up really limits you. It’s like there’s a little voice in the back of your head signaling danger.  It want to keep you quiet, afraid and unwilling to talk or show your authentic self. This witches wound wants to make sure you don’t ever seem strange or different, or call attention to yourself.

Energy Tools Can Release the Old Trauma and Beliefs

The other half of this work is to find the tools that energetically release the old trauma and limiting beliefs you might be carrying around. You can clear your energy field, subconscious mind and transmute it for good. In fact, I believe many of us came here to do just that.

You Came here to experience life, free of fears.

It’s time to release the old fears and limitations your subconscious mind thinks are keeping you safe, because this will allow yourself to open up to a life of new exciting experiences. Discover a life free of fears.

As a healer or coach, this type of energy in your field is keeping you from what you came here to do. So, your clients may pick up on it too, and you may attract clients with the same energetic “witches wound”. I know, because I did. So many of my client had this type of energy blockage, and I realized that I needed to find a way to clear it for them fast.

Energy Clearing is really my go-to for this type of energy blockage, and when you combine energy clearing with hypnosis, you’ve got the best tool around.

Can you relate? If so, I’ve created a free energy clearing hypnotic meditation for you called Release The Witches Wound. (Get it Here)


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Witches Wound

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