Energy Healing and Energy Clearing Basics?

What is Energy Healing and How Do You Do It?

I immediately realized that energy clearing and energy healing is a much bigger subject than I had previously thought, as I started writing today about energy healing,

I realize everything we do think, feel, act on, believe, and remember has energy at its core.

How we feel about a person or a situation is based on energy. The way we feel about ourselves has an energy component. Our perceptions about the world, our lives, our history, as you may already guess, is energy based.

So, if this is the case, why are we not taught about energy from a young age? Well, when I think of what I taught my kids, I didn’t really know to teach this to them because I hadn’t learned it yet.

Or for many people who may have heard about it, I believe it just doesn’t sound right. How could our memories about a subject or a situation or past event be simply energy stored in our bodies and energy fields?

The universe is formed from energy, I think this is pretty easy to accept.

Energy Clearing is a form of Energy Healing

What is energy clearing
How do you clear energy?

You can clear energy in a number of ways. 

Some healers can see where your energy is off. Some feel it physically, while others just have an innate knowledge as to what to do, how to work with it. They can shift it for you.

You can notice a negative pattern or emotion and start to clear it yourself with your intent.

Affirmations and help you shift energy patterns with repetitions, and are a form of energy healing. You chip away at specific patterns, beliefs, and limitations gradually, and like the power of a stream of water in the mountains, gradually make big changes. Affirmations can shift your energetic patterns. 

Energy Clearing to remove Subconscious Blocks
Affirmations Work, but Slowly…

In my experience, while it can’t hurt to use them, this is the slow route.  From our water example above, it took millions of years to carve the grand canyon.

Often, when someone has a negative energy pattern, like a very limiting belief, emotional outlook or life view, it is both powerful and sub-conscious. This means they are currently unaware of it consciously. They may realize the result but not have the realization that it’s a subconscious pattern, and it is a strongly held belief.

So when someone uses affirmations, they are stating something that should empower them but their own subconscious doesn’t believe it. In reality, the subconscious mind is working full force to keep things as they are. In this case, the affirmations are basically useless.

For example. imagine there’s an executive who was from a less than affluent upbringing. He/she may feel like they are not good enough, that the other people will find this out and they will lose their job. This may not at all be the case, but the subconscious believes it firmly. Because of this, the chances of it happening are often pretty good. Self-sabotage? Yes, Self-creating beliefs? Yes, Self-fulfilling prophecy? Yes, Subconscious programming.

Affirmations have a Hard Time Breaking Through Some Subconscious Programming

No amount of “I am a powerful affluent creator” affirmation sessions is going to break through this type of programming. It’s energetic. This is why energy clearing and energy healing is so important.

Frequency and Vibration “If you want to know the nature of the universe, think in terms of frequency and vibration” is close to what Tesla, Einstein and many other ahead of their time scientists believed.  (The quote is from Nicola Tesla) All matter is composed of energy. All energy is in motion, and vibrates, at a frequency rate. So if we’re composed of matter, and energy, we too have a vibration and frequency.

It is speculated the even time is simply another frequency.

But how and why does this matter in the world of healing and personal reality?

When certain experiments were performed, it was discovered scientifically that certain energy particles were influenced by the scientist that were determining the tests.

In the now famous double slit experiment, where the act of an observer watching what the light did, how it acted, changed the result. Each time there was an active observer, the result depended on the fact that someone was watching it.  Thanks to this, the conclusion of “we affect our reality became scientifically proven. Learn more about the Double Slit Experiment Here: ARTICLE

Who cares? Why does this matter? 

Energy Clearing and The Effects of Thoughts on Water
Energy Clearing and The Effects of Thoughts on Water

Well, it means that we affect matter.

One other rather famous experiments, The Emoto Water Tests, demonstrate the effects of thought and directed emotion towards the water. The water was frozen and then examined and very obviously showed a remarkable difference between water being exposed to high-frequency positive emotions, thoughts, and intentions in contrast to the water being sent negative emotions, thoughts, and intentions. There are many references to these experiments on the internet, and Dr. Emsaru Emoto wrote a few books, one of which “The Secret Life of Water” was a bestseller.  You can learn more about his work here: (Video)

There’s Proof that We Influence Our Reality

The importance of this work is that illustrates the fact that if someone focuses intensely on a subject (in this case a glass of water) it can and does change the molecular structure and frequency of the subject.  This is true with both positive or negative intentions or thoughts.

Because we are 70% water ourselves, it is definitely possible to be affected by outside influences. It may mean that spells or cursing someone is an actual possibility.

The childhood saying of “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” is simply not true. In fact, negative energy in the form of beliefs and negative self-worth can create a lifetime of suffering.

Energy patterns are stored in the subconscious mind.  This means we don’t really know what beliefs, emotions, energetic patterns we have stored away.

The Subconscious is a vast memory bank that is responsible for over 90% of your day to day life. Your habits, your body systems like a heartbeat, breathing, digestion, etc and all processes that you don’t need to think about consciously. Even the act of driving can be partially turned over to the subconscious mind. You may have experienced this when you are driving and you end up missing an exit, or you head for home when you weren’t planning on going home.

Your subconscious mind is your auto-pilot.

It's all Stored in the Subconscious Mind
Energy blocks are stored in the subconscious mind and need to be cleared from there and the energetic field.

The Subconscious mind is also is it keeper of memories, your history, childhood, learning, and education.  It uses energy to store this information and often it stores these old memories in the body itself and in the energetic field surrounding the body.

So, if the negative beliefs, emotions, and energy patterns are stored in the subconscious, how do you know what they are? How do you know what kind of stuff you have in your subconscious mind that you don’t have access to?

You know what kind of subconscious beliefs etc. you have by your actual reality.

 What is going on around you?  It’s your subconscious programming if you:

  • Feel yourself reacting to something
  • Feel sad for no apparent reason (or guilty, angry, hurt, fearful)
  • Keep sabotaging your success (or relationships, diet, etc)

Your subconscious mind is who’s in charge.

This is why, when you want to change a pattern, a belief or a habit, it’s not easy.  You consciously know what you want, but the problem remains. Why?

It’s a subconscious problem

  Subconscious problems often have an energetic basis. Energy healing and energy clearing can help shift the subconscious patterns.

One of the sayings I love is “The conscious mind is the least informed and the last to know”  This is true. Most of what you do is subconsciously based, and the conscious mind simply thinks it is deciding what you are doing!

The real-life improvement works when you start to look at your problems, triggers, habits, etc. from a subconscious and energetic viewpoint.

As soon as you begin looking at negative emotions, irritation, negative beliefs, and triggers as opportunities to clear and overcome, you will quickly realize that they are happening to you in order to transcend them.

What is energy clearing and energy healing?
Negative self image and negative emotions are held in the subconscious mind.

Because the subconscious mind stores information as energy, it is possible to clear this information energetically as well.  Energy clearing as a spiritual path sounds funny, but in effect, it can be a powerful practice. When you clear an energetic blockage, you raise your spiritual frequency (or raise your vibration)

By becoming vigilant with your thoughts, beliefs, memories, and reactions, you will be glimpsing negative patterns. When they show up, take note. They are giving themselves away because once you spot them, you can clear them.

Do how do you clear negative energy patterns? 

We already covered the affirmations, that work by repetition on the subconscious mind.  These are a slow way of shifting the patterns.

There is also hypnosis, where a hypnotherapist can help you access and shift the patterns by working directly with the subconscious mind. Suggestions given by the practitioner can influence and shift the subconscious patterns and the information stored.

Neuro-linguistic Programming also works with the subconscious mind and helps to change the auditory, visual and kinesthetic properties and neuro-pathways of energy and thought. It can help you shift the energy by re-wiring the thought and energy processes. When you work with an NLP practitioner, you can also shift the energy stored and repeated behavior by the subconscious mind.

Energy Clearing Tools

One of the fastest ways to shift the energy of the subconscious mind and energetic field is by doing energetic clearings by using codes and commands.  When you shift the energy in the field, you can remove lifetimes of negative blockages and patterns. This is the method I teach in my online class Advanced Energy Clearing. There is also a free training that explains how this all works. You can access the free training here.

The important thing to know about energy healing and energy clearing is that they exist. You can clear old patterns, emotions, beliefs, and traumatic memories.  When you begin to notice what emotion or beliefs are showing up, just remember they are energetic. This alone can help you begin to make important shifts in your life. Your intention, your desire to let go of and transcend old patterns and energy blockages will help you move forward in a way you may not have felt possible.

-Robin Yates, Vibration Elevation

Energy Healing and Energy Clearing Basics?

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