The Universe Has Your Back

Really, It does. The Universe has your back. If you don’t believe this or are in doubt of what this means for you, watch (or listen) to this energy clearing session:

The Universe Has Your Back

This Card is from The Universe Has My Back by Gabrielle Bernstein.

It’s easy to think that the cards are stacked against you, but in reality they are not. When you choose to do something or achieve a goal, the universe will line up to help you.

Energy Clearing Session

When you fee stuck, it’s usually discordant energy in your field that is stopping you from reaching your goals. When there is energy in conflict, you want something but a part of you thinks you shouldn’t have it for example, this is what keeps you stuck.

Wen you clear this stuck energy from your energetic field, you release the fears or beliefs that were held in place because of it. This will result in a shift in your reality, what is happening in your life.

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The Universe Has Your Back