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Sleep Garden

Insomnia is often caused by the unconscious mind and the inablility to relax. Listen to this audio download as you go to sleep at night to relax your mind and body and create a restful habit of sleeping through the night. Purchase for $29

Relax Away Stress

Stress i one of the most destructive states for the body and is one of the biggest contributors to illness and aging. Good news is you can decrease stress by relaxation, meditation  and hypnosis. Purchase today for $29

Journey to the Future

What can you expect to find in your future? In this positive and optimistic hypnotic meditation, get a glimpse of where you may be and what you may expect in your life. Currently Available Free in the Membership Area

Energy Clearing Session One

Experience the healing effects of energy clearing in this hypnotic meditation. Each time you do the clearing, you will clear more energy.  $47

Unblock Your Intuition

Can your intuitions be blocked? Fears and limiting beliefs can definitely block you're ability to see. With this downloadable hypno meditation, feel the blocks begin to melt away.

Get your Mojo Back

Feeling off, just not like you used to, this is the hypnotic meditation to listen to. Negative energy can affect everything and sometimes you just need to clear it out to get back on track.

How to Clear Negative Energy Blockages

Energy Blockages are real and are in effect until they are cleared. Negative energy in the form of emotions, memories, and beliefs can be cleared with energy clearing techniques. Learn about the skills and protocols you need to be able to clear the blockages from your field and life experience.

Learn the power of Energy Clearing at the core level now in this Free Online Training 4-part series.


7 Day Chakra Cleanse

7 Different daily meditations, help you align your energetic body and truly align what you would like to experience in your life.  By working thru the chakra system, you systematically both clear what you don't want or need emotionally, mentally, and energetically and manifest what you truly do. $79