Spiritual Protection and Turquoise

Spiritual Protection and Turquoise

This Energy Clearing session is intended to boost your spiritual protection and help you to stay spiritually safe in your day to day life.

This energy clearing video is going to help you release the blocks that keep you from being or feeling spiritually protected. This stone, Turquoise, is one of the most protective healing stones there are. Carry it with you and keep your intention to staying safe and clear and watch for old patterns of doubts and fears.

Spiritual Protection happens as you release old blocks that make you vulnerable as well. The amount of “baggage” someone has can affect their spiritual power and protection. Here’s a video that will help you with your spiritual practice . This will help you get even more protection as you build up your protection.

When you set your intention on clearing blocks and strengthening your spiritual safety, you set the also set more energy in motion. Here’s a video clearing about Energy and Intention.

Clear blocks and limitations for yourself in this online training program called The Turquoise Fire Clearing Program 2.0. Recently updated to include a crystal activation to help you clear with activating and using a crystal or stone. Also, included clear along sessions. These are where you can listen to the clearings along with me, and learn to do clearings for yourself !

More info about The Turquoise Fire Energy Clearing Program : https://www.vibrationelevation.com/turquoisefire