Watch For Signs Energy Clearing

This Watch For Signs energy clearing session is to help you begin to notice what signs are actually all around you at all times. When you begin to notice what they are, your life can shift!

Audio Transcript:

In this energy clearing session we are looking at beginning to notice the things that you overlook, the important things that you may overlook actually. So stay tuned.

Watch for signs from Spirit

Hi, it’s Robin from vibration elevation and today’s clearing is all about binding and noticing the things that you’re overlooking. So we drew the card mouse from the animal spirit guides deck by Stephen Farmer. And what it says is this, it says you’re overlooking some important details. So pay close attention to what’s going on. And so this clearing is going to help us become more aware of the signs and the details around you and to notice the things that you might be overlooking. You know, I think it’s a balance.

There’s signs everywhere, right We’re always being given guidance, but we don’t always notice it. And there’s times when you can become overly aware of the signs and everything is a sign and, and you know, you almost become paralyzed about moving forward because you’re waiting for the correct sign. And then there’s the not noticing anything and just living life as if there were no signs and there was no help from the universe.

No Signs – Too Many Signs, It’s a Balance

Energy Clearing Session
Signs from Spirit Energy Clearing

So it’s a balance. So we’re going to be looking at clearing anything, stopping you from achieving that balance of getting the signs, using the signs, acting on the signs. Because that’s important too. If, if you’re being shown things or given information, given signs and you don’t ever pay attention, you don’t ever act on them, you’ll, you’re sort of telling the universe or telling your subconscious mind, “Hey, that’s, that’s not important to me” and it will, it’ll stop. You know, having it in your face, it’ll stop showing you things.

So when people ask me, how can I become more intuitive, how can I, you know, how do I open up my senses What I tell them is your senses are giving you information. You want to ask, well, if you ask for information, when you get signs and you get information, you want to acknowledge it and you want to use it because that way you’ll get more if you’re continual.

If you’re continuously being given info and shown things and you do not respond or acknowledge or even say thank you for it or act on it in way, it basically just kind of shuts down. Not that it’s not there, you just don’t notice it anymore. So let’s go ahead and clear whatever’s blocking you from seeing these signs.

Clearing Chimes

Signs from Spirit Energy Clearing Session

okay, all clear. Now it’s up to you to start looking for signs. Again, within reason. You don’t want to live your whole life as, as not being able to do anything unless you have a sign. But there really are signs all around you. You’re being given information all the time. So what I would suggest is just start noticing and when you do get an urge or a what I call a hit to do something or to say something, try it.

Just Start Noticing…

Do it. Like if it’s something as simple as Hey, drive, drive down the road, drive past your house and go down to the end of the road and maybe you see a beautiful sunset. Maybe, an idea pops in your head, it triggers something in your mind. I mean there’s, there’s endless possibilities, but it’s you being I’m willing to, to listen and to act on the information you’re getting. And as you do this in the little things, pretty soon more and more info will continue to make itself known.

Okay. Thanks so much for listening or for watching, and if you want to learn more or there’s a whole bunch of free stuff over at or go check those out and leave a comment or, or subscribe if you haven’t subscribed already. Okay. Thank you. And I’ll see you in the next one.

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