Make Peace with Change

Change is inevitable. It’s the one thing that is always happening. When you make peace with change, you let go of the fear, the charge behind it and allow. When you look back on your life, even the scariest and most impactful changes have worked out ok. This is a perspective that can help you shift what is happening in the world today.

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Release Fear
Positive Changes

Much of the fear and resistance to change is the result of what you expect is going to happen or might happen. It’s a form of negative manifestation. This habit can actually shift in a more negative or unwanted outcome. Release the energy behind the change and allow what is happening to actually take place and you will be more in the flow of what is, which will help you both be at peace with the energy and also feel better. Stress is often because of this negative “what if” expectations and manifesting. Subconscious and unconscious expectations are also a type of energy block that you can clear from your field..

Make Peace with Change
Fear of Change

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Make Peace with Change

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