11 Reasons Why I Love Energy Clearing

Here are the main reasons why I love energy clearing. There’s probably more. I just began a quick list and came up with these. If you already are familiar with energy clearing or this type of energetic healing, you may be able to add to this list, and please feel free to do so below.

  1. It’s all energy. Everything is Energy. Thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, attitudes, beliefs. All of it.
  2. It’s stored below your conscious awareness, in your subconscious or unconscious mind.
  3. Your calibration (vibration level) is directly related to your unconscious energy and patterns.
  4. Energy patterns transcend lifetimes and can be passed along through generations.
  5. This all can be cleared.
  6. As you clear old (negative or destructive) energy, your calibration (vibration/frequency levels) will rise on it’s own.
  7. You can know where you are frequency-wise, at any time, by finding your calibration.
  8. You can clear anything and create your own reality (you create it at all times on an unconscious level)
  9. You can do this for yourself.
  10. You can do this for other people if you have their permission. (Clients, family, friends, etc.)
  11. Energy clearing is the fastest way to create change.
The Gift Energy Clearing

I Love Energy Clearing, it’s true…

It sounds crazy. But I really do love energy clearing. Why? I’ve listed my 11 reasons above. I can hear a little voice in the back of my mind saying “you love people, not things” and wonder if I’m using the wrong word. I’m not. How can I not love something that has helped so many people get freedom from things holding them back, keeping them stuck, and at times, living in misery. Why can’t I love that? I love the fact that we are free to release and clear anything that isn’t in our highest and greatest good. I love that we can do the work on ourselves or for other people.


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11 Reasons Why I Love Energy Clearing

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