Highest Good of All to Avoid New Karma | Energy Clearing Video

One of the best and easiest ways to be sure you are not creating new and negative karma for yourself, is to ask that whatever you are doing is in for the highest good for all.

Avoid Creating New Karma for Yourself by Requesting This…

When I drew this card, I wasn’t really sure what I could clear with it. But, it is the KEY to keeping yourself free of creating new and negative karmic debts. YOU are included in the “Highest Good of All”, because you are part of the all! This will help you avoid making choices that seem good at the moment, but are really not beneficial for your or others, and save yourself that KARMA!

I used to think making choices using the highest good of all was not going to be the best choices for me, but I was completely misguided. When you use the phrase “In the highest good” and choose accordingly, or not choose what you had originally planned because of this, you will come up with better choices. Karma Free choices. This means, you chose something that was in line with the universal laws. This is a definite win-win for everyone. 🙂


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Highest Good of All to Avoid New Karma | Energy Clearing Video

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