Energy and Intention

Focus your Energy and Intention to create what you would like to create in your reality.

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In this session we’re looking at amping up energy and intention to really bring in freedom and fearlessness. So stay tuned

Focus your Intention
Use this Free Clearing to Focus your Energy

Hi, It’s Robin here from Vibration Elevation. In this energy clearing session we drew the card from the universe has my back deck by Gabriel Bernstein and the card says this. It says, the more energy and intention I bring to my faith, the more fearless and free I am. And this card is cool because it’s sort of like what you put your attention on, what you put your energy into will grow. And so this clearing is going to be helping too, really streamline your directed energy. So it’s going to be a clearing is going to help you focus your intention, focus your energy to what you want to your faith as she says here, or to spirit as I call it, or to just living the life that you came here to live, to raising your frequency to moving forward, however you call it.

We’re going to clear the…I’m just going to call it the energy that is making you not focus, the distracting energies, the energy that makes it difficult to focus, or maybe it feels weird to you to really put all your energy and attention to this one area of your life, to the spiritual aspect, to the idea of raising your frequency, raising your vibration, working on yourself, moving forward.

Focus Your Intention
Use this Free Clearing to Focus your Energy

So whatever it is, we’re going to clear it now. So just think of what you would like to clear, what area of your life you would like to be able to move forward in and think of what it feels like to focus your energy and intention there. And we’re going to do the clearing now.

Clearing Chimes and Energy Shift

All right So that clearing is all done. Now with all these clearings, you can do them a few times, especially if you think that there’s other things that you need to clear that are related, but maybe not exactly what we just cleared. You know, there’s no limit. You can’t clear too much. You’re not going to clear the wrong thing. And I’m not saying this to get clicks or you know, a, what are they called views because it only counts as one. So I just think that if you find something that you notice made a difference, thank you. Something related, something close, and do it again and see if that makes a difference.

Focus Your Intention
Focus your Intention with this Clearing

You know, or see if you notice a little shift. Because a lot of times these are in your body. You can feel when something actually clears. Now, not always. Sometimes you don’t feel anything, but it’s not possible to clear too much. So, you know, give it a whirl. Anyhow, I really hope you enjoyed this and thank you so very much for watching or for listening. If you haven’t, haven’t subscribed, please hit subscribe and post a comment and I will see you in the next one.


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Energy and Intention


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