Endings – Energy Clearing to Release the Fear

Endings are everywhere. We are in an end of an era, and a beginning of a new era. When you release the fears and doubts, you allow yourself the freedom to bring in an even better experience.

This energy clearing session is to help you let go of fear. There are many changes happening and all the talk about the new normal and the old normal is enough to freak anyone out. The old is definitely not coming back but the new isn’t exactly here, so we are in a transition from old to new. When you release the old fears doubt and negative expectations, things will begin to feel less stressful.

Energy Clearing for Fear of Endings
End of an Era Energy Clearing Session

As you listen to this video (or watch it) just try to bring up any negative thought related to these endings and changes. You can listen to it a few times, each time thinking of something else, or feeling something different. There’s no way you can listen too much or do too much clearing with this.

Hope you enjoy it and let go of any fear. This includes hidden fears you might not have consciously know you even had, but just caused a lingering feeling of uneasiness.

Robin Yates
Robin Yates, Energy Clearing

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Endings – Energy Clearing to Release the Fear