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Clearing for More Harmony, Cooperation and Universal Love

Unblock and Enhance Your Clarity

Activate Your Good Fortune and Luck

Clear Old Disputes and Misunderstanding in Your Energy Field

Forgiveness and Choosing to Forgive Someone

Erase Old Patterns and Unconscious Habits

Energy Clearing for Chaos and Stress

Clear the Blocks to Your Inner Magic

Your Self Worth - Clear the Blocks

Open your heart to Love - 4th Chakra Clearing

5th Chakra Clearing for Inner Knowing and Self Confidence

Feeling Like Giving Up? Energy Clearing Session

Energy Clearing for Anxiety

How to Stop Indecision

Does Your Manifesting Take Too Long?

Are You TOO Responsible?

Clearing for Unconscious Low Grade Tension

How to Create Harmony in Relationships - Energy Clearing

Find a New Sense of Purpose as You Connect With Infinite Potential Clearing Session

Frenetic Energy - Slow Down and Enjoy Peace

Get Out of Your Head | Energy Clearing Session

Get Out of a Low Vibration - Bad Mood Energy Clearing Session

Access the Fifth Dimension | Energy Clearing Session

Stay True to Yourself and Your Best Interests

Detach and Observe - Energy Clearing Session


This clearing session is going to help you release the resistance and any blocks to accessing universal love, harmony and cooperation.

This energy clearing session is to help you clear out any blocks to clarity. When there are no negative energies, such as old emotions, beliefs or memories associated with something, there will be a sense of clarity.

Todays energy clearing session is to remove any blocks preventing good fortune in your life. The blocks, old negative memories, patterns, limiting beliefs, are what need to be cleared in order to allow the natural state of good fortune and luck into your life. It’s more of a clearing the blocks to allow the luck, rather than an activation. Hope you like this one and it brings you great fortune and luck!!

In this energy clearing, we are going to look at the energy behind disputes and misunderstandings (and clear it). This will help you restore harmony and balance to your life.

In this clearing session, we are going to release the blocks and negative emotions around forgiveness. This can be toward another person, a memory or anything. The intention to release and heal this old block can be life changing. Unforgiveness can cause undue stress and even illness and it robs your energy!

Todays clearing is to help you erase and clear out old unconscious habits and patterns that it’s time to let go of. This is going to shift the energy around them so you can manage them and switch them to something more beneficial (like grounding or consciously taking a breath)

This energy clearing is to help you clear the stress and uneasiness around the chaos happening all around. As it helps clear the energy around this chaos it is also going to help you clear the obstacles to growth. This will help you raise your frequency and maintain it at a higher state! Enjoy 🙂

In this energy clearing session we are working with the stone Labradorite. This stone is about mystery, synchronicity, and awakening your inner magic. We are going to be clearing the blocks preventing you from accessing these gifts. Hope you enjoy this!

This energy clearing session is all about your self worth and inner abundance. As you remember or think about events or memories that make you doubt yourself, we are clearing the blocks associated with them.

This energy clearing session is for the heart chakra and clearing any heart chakra blocks. As you do the clearing, think of a specific person or situation that you'd like to feel or express more love. You may want to do this a couple of times with different situations or people in mind. Hope you enjoy it!

This clearing is to help you clear out any blocks to your inner knowing and raise your self confidence. This is a 5th chakra clearing and is going to help release negative blocks keeping you from knowing or stating your personal truth.

This energy clearing is based off of Diamond from The Crystal Spirits Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid. Diamonds are forged under pressure, and for some people, especially those in the healing world and those working on raising their frequency, it gets tiring. It gets tempting to just give up and many people on the ascension path seem to be getting tired. This clearing will help you clear some of that energy.

In this clearing session, we are working with anxiety. Stress and fear of what's going to happen in the future. This is held in the subconscious and energy field of the body and is seeming out of our control. Try this clearing to let go of this anxious energy, little by little until it's gone or manageable.

If you're having trouble deciding what to do about something, this clearing will help you remove old energy that may keep you from seeing the situation clearly or knowing which path to take. Hope you enjoy it.

In this energy clearing session, we're looking at patience, going with the flow and trust in the universal timing.

This energy clearing session is to help you stop being so over-responsible, or feeling responsible for things that are not your responsibility!

In this clearing session, we are letting go of underlying tension that's creating a low grade feeling of stress or anxiety.

In this energy clearing session, we are looking at harmony creating harmony in relationships.

In this energy clearing session, Find a New Sense of Purpose as You Connect With Infinite Potential Clearing Session, we are going to be clearing anything keeping you from raising your frequency so you can connect with your infinite potential.

In this clearing session for frenetic energy, we are looking at slowing down and restoring balance and serenity.

In this energy clearing session, we are going to be looking at how to get out of your head and stay grounded in your body. So stay tuned.

In this Free Energy Clearing session, get out of a low vibration, we are removing the blocks that are keeping your frequency low. This will allow your energy levels or your consciousness levels to rise automatically on it's own.

When you clear the blocks in your energy field, this will help raise your frequency. When your frequency is high, you will be in the energy field of the 5th dimensions. This means to get to the fifth dimension, you need to clear the blocks keeping your frequency low. Work on clearing negative emotions such as guilt, shame, fear and judgement.

Today's clearing is to help you do what is integrity with yourself, vs what other people want from you. Sometimes it's easy to just do things and then think you're going to fix them later. This clearing is going to help you stay true to yourself, first.

Todays energy clearing is intended to help you detach and observe the situations around you. This can be with people, groups or just about anything. We are going to help release old blocks so you can step back and take the role of the observer. This is also a practice some people use to become more in tune and more present. I hope you like it!

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