Clarity of Thought and Intuition

Clarity of Thought and Intuition

Today’s clearing is to help gain clarity and balance of thought and intuition.

Today’s clearing is about gaining clarity around our thoughts and then integrating this with our intuition. It’s about the balance of mind and intuition and being able to create a harmony of the two working together. This is the perfect blend. Not too one sided on either! Some people lean too heavily on the mind, while others are only focused on the intuitive side.

Many people focus too heavily on the mind. This may be because they haven’t created or re-created the habit of following their intuition. Or it could be because that’s just the way they’ve always done things. This is what we learn to do in school. We focus on the mind. If you feel like you have a block around opening up to this part of yourself, watch this clearing about Letting go of Limiting Beliefs.

In reality, they both balance each other and work together. Hope you enjoy it!

Clarity of Thought
Thought and Intuition Balance and Clarity

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