Anxiety and the Subconscious mind

In this video, I talk about how stress and anxiety are connected with the subconscious or unconscious part of our minds.

This Video talks about both Unconscious mind and Subconscious mind stress and anxiety. I am using these terms pretty much as the same thing for this video. There is a difference between them, but in this instance, both are interchangeable. If you struggle with stress and/or anxiety, there’s a good chance there’s a connection to your past that you need to release, energetically.

How do you know if your stress or anxiousness stems from the past? Notice what makes you feel stressed. Is it the same situation? Or the same people? Expectations you have for yourself? Try clearing session to see if you stress level decrease.

Sometimes, Overload and Overwhelm can create anxiety.

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Subconscious anxiety
Anxiety and the Subconscious mind

You can’t be both relaxed and stressed at the same time. Download the free meditation “Relax Away Stress” below:

Anxiety and the Subconscious mind

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