Ancestral Karma Clearing Session

Clear Ancestral Karma and Blocks

This Energy Clearing Session is all about healing old family and ancestral patterns and releasing karma! Energy blocks can be and often are passed down from generation to generation. This session will help you release some of this energy by focusing on a particular member of your family at a time. This will help break down the patterns and karmic blocks.

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If you are working with family karma, past karmic patterns will show up in the present.

This means that if you have trouble with a certain family member, this may very well stem from the past. The same goes for a specific family pattern.

When you clear a karmic pattern at it’s core, other people in your family line may also feel the clearing. You clear this cleared energetically, even if these people are no longer on the planet (so-to-say)

You may want to do this clearing a few times, each time with a different person or relationship in mind!

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Ancestral Karma Clearing Session

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