Abundance and Life

What is True Abundance?

I spent the day at the river today, surrounded by water, trees and birds. It was beautiful. I found myself really thinking of abundance, and what that even means. There are so many different versions of it. Just ask anyone and they will have their own take on what makes an abundant life.

We can get trapped in the different versions too, especially when we experience one version while placing our attention on another, possible more attractive version.

Values aren’t about judgement

I know that for most of us, we were taught that abundance is usually means money, dollar signs in the bank account, the ability to spend. It can also be the ability to live a peaceful unstressed life or being able to travel wherever and whenever you desire. There’s just no limit to what we consider abundance. It all comes down to values. I’m not talking about values used to describe or judge someone, making something morally superior or deficient, but values in what you hold valuable. What’s truly important to you. What’s the one thing you treasure over everything else.

Putting it this way, I believe most people would not put the money in the bank as their number one value. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having financial values, being able to purchase and feeling comfortable. That’s the thing with values, you really get to choose for you, there is no right or wrong answer.

Values are stored in the Subconscious Mind

Values are something that are like subconscious programs, running in the background of your mind. They most often were adopted in early childhood, picked up from the people around you and taken on as yours, even though you may have been too young to consciously comprehend what you were accepting as your reality system.

Have you thought about what you would consciously want to have on your life value list? What’s the most important overall value you would put as number one on your list? For example, would it be creativity? Maybe it’s Peace, excitement, travel, money, solitude, career, being in nature, friendship, partner, family, or something completely different.  The list is almost endless.

Abundance and Life
What about abundance and life

No two lists are alike, and nobody has right values, it’s all subjective.

If it was easy for you to list your number one value,  you may want to give yourself the task of listing your top 15 to 20 values. So, Just start listing and see what you come up with. Then, when you have a list, put that list in order of importance. It’s pretty interesting to see how that list takes shape. When you look at the top 4-5 on the list, are you currently manifesting those in your life? If so, then you can consider yourself extremely abundant.

Is there something missing from your list? Do you need to add finances or a fulfilling career into your list? If so,  write it down, create the list that you feel is important to you. Then just fold it up and carry it with you. By bringing this subconscious process into the conscious mind, you begin to consciously change it and direct it into what you truly want.

Plain and Simple, the ability to live your life on your terms is abundance.

Day dream or intentionally imagine yourself in your life with a value that you’d like to have but maybe hasn’t manifested yet. This is real training for your mind. True abundance starts here.


Robin Yates, Transformational coach and Consultant, has trained 100’s of clients to let go of past Subconscious conditioning, such as anxiety, worry and fear.

She helps clients uncover and rewrite their underlying and often hidden beliefs, emotions and life patterns and expand out into what they truly want to experience. 

Abundance and Life

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