5th Dimension – Clear the Blocks (to reaching it)

When you clear the blocks in your energy field, this will help raise your frequency. When your frequency is high, you will be in the energy field of the 5th dimensions. This means to get to the fifth dimension, you need to clear the blocks keeping your frequency low.

5th Dimension

5th Dimension – Clear the Blocks (to reaching it)

In this energy clearing session, we are looking at blocks getting to the next level, getting to the fifth dimension. So stay tuned. Hi, it’s Robin from Vibration Elevation and today’s clearing is all about letting go of the things, keeping you from reaching the fifth dimension or the things keeping you really rooted in the 3d.

Now this will be mostly negative emotions, such as guilt fears. And one of the biggest ones is judgment. And that can be judgment about yourself or judgment about others, judgment about situations, but those are the biggies. So those will be the ones that we work on in this clearing. . I will post the links to them somewhere in the description. So you might wanna do guilt. You might want to do judgment, different fears, all of those contribute.

Work on Clearing Guilt, Judgement and Fear…

And you can ask yourself like, what is the main thing that keeps me from really raising my frequency? Because that’s what it’s about. When your frequency is high, you will reach the fifth dimension. It’s this is all frequency. But if you get stuck in old patterns or some triggers, you it’s almost like your, your frequency just plummets, right? And you feel awful well, that is because of the frequency.

So the more work you do to let go of those old triggers and those old patterns, the more your frequency raises and will, will help you ascent of the next, um, dimension, right? It’s completely normal to have your frequency high one minute and then get triggered or have something happen to where it falls completely normal. Those are the things that you want to clear. So if you get to figured ask yourself, what was that about and clear it.

There’s, I, I don’t know, 300, 400 videos now here on YouTube or on the podcast where you can just look up or search for a topic, and then just do the clearings.

There’s is also a free membership site that has a ton of free clearings over at vibrationelevation.com/e101. And I’ll put a link to that as well in the description. But for now, we’re going to clear

Things that keep you from reaching the fifth dimension.

So just sit back, relax, and see what you feel. See what happens….(Clearing session)

Okay, that’s all done. Now. This might be one you wanna go back and listen to a couple times holding different ideas, different blocks in mind, and each time you do just notice what comes up, what ideas, what

Memories, you know, and, and just keep clearing you. Honestly, can’t clear too much. And the more you clear, the more you release with your own intention, the more blocks you’ll release, which allow your frequency to rise, which is how you get to the 5th dimension or get out of the third dimension.

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I missed both of them because we have a new baby in the family and it was just too hectic. And I couldn’t, I couldn’t break away to do the clearings, but I’m, I’m consistently trying to get at least two a week.

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A good clearing for Guilt and Self-Care is here: https://robinyates.com/clear-intentions/

Energy Clearing Session for Judgement and Blame https://robinyates.com/blame-and-judgement/

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